VARIETY: Freestyle buys fantasy drama ‘SHEDDING’

Shedding was inspired by our pet cat,” said filmmaker Jake Thomas. “He’s very modest and unobtrusive, and there were times when I observed him napping or spying out the window that I wondered, ‘What are his dreams? Does he want more out of life?’ So as the story developed, I wanted to make it a genuine fable that matches his warmth and yearning.”

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Calling All Cat People for Shedding

"An actor’s dream role and a captivating organic story, SHEDDING surprised me and kept me guessing what and why things were happening – in a good way. It’s refreshing to finally watch a new story."

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Jake Thomas


Erin Brown Thomas


Fantasy / Drama, 76 Minutes

“When his dreams of outdoor exploration transform a bored house cat into a human being, he discovers a world he never imagined and helps a family who will never forget him.”

The film explores the longing felt by all living creatures, and the healing effect that animals provide simply by their presence.

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Lead, Feline

Apollo "Po"

Supporting, Feline

Lex Quarterman

Karla Droege

Jacquelyn Zook

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