"it's like no other film you've seen on the festival circuit."

In anticipation of Sheddings screening at Sidewalk Film Festival, Carmella Baranowska from We Are Moving Stories interviews Writer/Director/Editor Jake Thomas about his feature film. 

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Shedding sells out + receives encore screening at Sidewalk film Festival

Shedding premiered to a packed house at Sidewalk Film Fest and enjoyed a wonderful 90 minute Q&A with passionate fans at an impromptu after party. 

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Jake Thomas


Erin Brown Thomas


Fantasy / Drama, 76 Minutes

In the story, a bored house cat who longs to explore the outside world finds his opportunity when he mysteriously transforms into a human being and escapes from his home. After befriending a grieving mother whose son he resembles, the cat helps both her and her daughter find peace.  

The film explores the longing felt by all living creatures, and the healing effect that animals provide simply by their presence.

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Lead, Feline

Apollo "Po"

Supporting, Feline

Lex Quarterman

Karla Droege

Jacquelyn Zook

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