Within the television space, Erin’s career trajectory is headed towards directing pilots and mini series. Erin enjoys all that goes into developing series – building worlds, forecasting arcs, and most of all creating and spending time with memorable characters. It’s her constant desire to have her hand in every step of the process – preproduction through post she’s enraptured by the granular process of birthing a story to life.

Upcoming Projects:

Erin has co-written two pilots with her comedic partner in crime, Kelly Vrooman.


Half-hour, single-cam comedy which has advanced at Sundance New Voices, been enacted via UCB’s selective “Let’s Table This,” and was is an official selection for Series Fest 2020’s pitch competition.

Tone: You’re the Worst meets 30 Rock

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Ten-Minute, digital comedy series

A scripted comedy series based on the REAL LIFE experiences of Kelly Vrooman when she was the original live morning host for a national kid’s TV show.

Tone: HBO’s The Comeback meets Broad City with a dash of Arrested Development

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previous projects:

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Series, Comedy

Erin directed 3 episodes on the second season of this award-winning series which is now being adapted into a feature film.  SAG Award-winning actress Erika Christensen guest stars in one of Erin’s episodes.

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A young couple’s lives are changed when an unexpected addition to their household shows them the true meaning of family.

Series Directors:  Erin Brown Thomas, Oscar Rene Lozoya II, Tory Nelson, James R. W. Hiatt

Series Writers: Jeff Larson, Jake Thomas, Tim Olshefski, Barnabas Prontinicki

Created and Produced by: Jeff Larson, Erika Solsten

Starring: Doug Jones, Ashley Argota, Erika Christensen, Vince Hill-Bedford, Tanner Stine, Erika Solsten, Jeff Larson

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Web Series, Comedy

Erin directs on this series and is in good company alongside other powerhouses like BAFTA award-winning director Jonathan Judge.

Over 3.5 million views!

Parodies of pop-culture from the mind of kids!  Think Drunk History except it’s kid’s imaginations instead of booze that makes the stories deviate from the norm!

Series Directors:  Erin Brown Thomas, Chris Carlisle, Jonathan. Judge

Created and Produced by: Kelly Vrooman, Jenna Bryson

Starring: Kelly Vrooman, Jenna Bryson, Asher Grodman, Michael Minto, Mark Sipka

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12 episode series, Mystery

Currently available on Snapchat Originals.

Best friends-slash-college roommates Devon and Missy crack cold cases on their successful true-crime podcast… but can they solve the most important case of all when their best friend disappears without a trace?

Directed by Andrew Hines

Written and Created by Tessa Leigh Williams

Starring Camille Ramsey, Tatsumi Romano

Produced by MAKEREADY

Executive Produced by Mark Boal, Scott Nemes, Natalie Laine Williams, Joanna Shaw, Hugo Lindgren

Edited by Erin Brown Thomas (eps 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12), Joe Calardo (eps. 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10)

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Web series for DreamWorks TV.

Erin directed all episodes of season 1.

When Kate’s daily antics inspire her creativity, she crafts tiny things with big results!

Created by Kelly Vrooman

Written by Kelly Vrooman, Erin Brown Thomas

Directed by Erin Brown Thomas, Kelly Vrooman